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Hydro Pimp: Keep Your Body Mov'in; Vinyl/Dd/Single; 2002

Keep Your Body Mov'in'

Featured vocal

Westbury Music, Metro-Trax, Romatt Productions

keep your body movin' - Phillip Alexander

Space, Ibiza 2002 dance; Lp/Cd/Dd,Vinyl; 2002

Time to celebrate

Featured vocal

Neorecords/ Groovilicious Music/Space Ibzia

time to celebrate - Phillip Alexander

It's like magic 2002 dance;


Featured vocal

Neorecords/ Groovilicious Music

it's like magic - Phillip Alexander

It's working out; Bashyihra, Dd/single; 2010

It's working out

Featured Vocalist/Arrangement

NuVybe Records,Trans Phatt Records

it's working out - Phillip Alexander
tomorrow's old funk - Phillip Alexander

Fumi-hito; This Goes, Lp/Cd/Dd; 2010 

Tomorrow's Old Funk

Featured Vocal

Ropadope Records/Fumanmusic



Quiet Night Cuba/Documentary - 2010


Sue Herrod

Awholelotta; Love conjure/blues 

text installation 2006


Sharon Bridgeforth 





   An artist needs time: To live, to breath, to cultivate, and to grow strong in life experience. Without this process,       can we still call music art?



Phillip started his solo recording career when the musical landscape was ripe with wanna-be soulster and R&B darlings: But mostly coffee house poetry scene players setting their works to music. “Snaps’ Snap” in recognition to some shared remembrances, while others were seriously elevating the conversation of love and loss, through song and instrumentation. Phillip Alexander carved out a clearing in that wilderness of voices, machine-built images and stolen melodies, to captivate, inspire and move his listener. Elder artist took time to tell stories of their lives through melodic phrasing, lilting vocals and chord structures that still boggle the mind. They told us stories of where they were and what was happening at that moment, hoping of course to entertain; yet helping you heal and giving you a safe place to laugh, cry, dance and sing. These legends include Gladys Knight, Aretha Frankin, Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, The Pointer Sisters, Stevie Wonder,Sylvester, Earth, Wind & Fire, Nile Rogers, Patti Labelle and Labelle and of course Prince, Michael & Whitney. Really there are too many to name. 

Phillip’s debut recording Love you good earned critical acclaim, in the US, United Kingdom, Latin American, the Caribbean, and Asia. Phillip also garnered love from his brethren and sisters all the way from the continent of Africa. Yet it seemed he was flying under the radar: not for long.


Life and Living can bring forth art, whether on the page, on the canvas, or by the press of the piano key. Phillip’s highly anticipated (yet untitled) sophomore recording ready for release, will take you on a journey through survival, relationship, sexuality, and different ways of finding the you truthfully unabashed, but then quiet and vulnerable. He does not leave anything unspoken.


Writing this music Phillip finds, with his collaborator and co producer Fumi-Hito Sugawara, that music doesn’t need a genre to touch. It ebbs and flows just like life. Phillip is called to get in the flow, and bear witness to life’s triumphs and tragedies, committing them to song, sight and texture.


Shortly after the release of Love you good, reviews came in with praise and great expectations for his next offering. Phillip performed those following years with his band, from coast to coast. Phillip packed legendary venues, and Smokey intimate lounges. He leaves raw passion and artistic interpretation on the bandstand. Phillip’s performance does insight crowds to frenzy, getting booty’s on the dance floor, but in another moment can cause contemplative thought. But life happened. Phillip, a man of many talents, found himself giving life to art in a new discipline--teaching art and design-- and enjoying this time, as if it were a surprise reunion with an old lover.


Artistic collaboration is a central theme for Phillip Alexander’s evolution, as artist and musician. In 2011 Phillip was invited to be one of the first of the next generation of R&B/Jazz vocalists to join an international cast of musician and vocalists to share the stage in the transformative beauty of Havana, Cuba. He performed original compositions; by Sue Herrod and Denis Peralta a watershed moment in Cuba called Quiet nights Cuba. He also leant his vocals and arranging talents to the chart topping UK single “its working out” written and performed by UK's own self proclaimed soul singer “The Voice” Bashiyra. Phillip also added his vocals to the Lp “This goes”, written and composed by his friend and colleague Fumi –Hito Sugawara, on a track that invokes the hollers, shakes and get down of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.


Phillip’s artistic outlook has broadened, due to time and living; it has that way of making you reach and stretch to your next plateau. Phillip shares his thoughts on his next offering: “ I’ve found that it’s my duty to bring as much beauty into the world as humanly possible, without losing the present moment or going blind to the vast beauty that is always before me”



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